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  • Easy setup and use
  • Wide variety of servers available
  • Torrenting and netflix working
  • Supports platforms other than computers and mobile devices


  • Can be a little slow at high traffic times

If you don’t use a VPN ( Virtual private network ) , or don’t even know what a VPN is
you should definitely read this article.

Nowadays we use the internet for almost everything, our whole life and personal information is exposed to everyone reach, and to those of you who do online shopping, and I can bet its most of you, our credit card information, our banking information, ID numbers passport numbers, literally you whole life and identity can be found online.

That is why we have to have protection, these days using the web without protection is very dangerous, and you are open
to all kind of threats, and that where is a VPN comes to play, and when choosing a VPN you will want the
most secure VPN software out there for maximum security and protection.

What is a VPN ?

To understand what is a VPN, first we need to understand how you internet connection works,
Meaning how you connect and surf the web in the first place.

Once you’re connected to the web, every piece of you traffic goes through you internet service provider (ISP). That’s just how the internet works. To reach a website you have to send a request to the ISP, which directs you towards you destination. As a result, all that you do online is an open book for the ISP.

So everything that you do online goes through you ISP, but what’s the problem then?
You can trust you ISP with you data right?

Wrong !

No technological barrier prevents the ISP from tracking and logging you online behavior, selling the data to advertisers, or handing it over to the authorities. Ethical ISPs that protect the privacy of their clients are few and far between. And even if you ISP is trustworthy, the government can compel it to give up you browse history.

Then what role a VPN plays here?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) routes you internet traffic through a VPN tunnel – an encrypted connection between you device and the destination on the web. Not only does a VPN tunnel encrypt you data, but it also and hides you IP address and location.

OK I get that, so in simple words, what I ma saying that, now all you data is first goes through the VPN, being encrypted and then goes through you ISP, so you ISP don’t know what you are doing online, and also third party website, can not locate and trace you, you are masked behind you VPN service,

That’s cool and all, but now that the VPN service control all this data, what stops it to be exactly the same as my ISP and sell it to the third party advertisers or even to the government ?

Exactly, that’s an excellent question, and you are right, there are many VPN services that do exactly that,

that’s why it is very important not to use only just a some cheap or free VPN you have found, because you have changed nothing, and unfortunately, most free VPNs are doing exactly that, that’s how they make money, they sell you data to third parties. Now you don’t want that right ? so you have to be careful and choose the right and most secure VPN software out there, and that’s exactly what I am going to talk about.

Which VPN service I recommend ?

So during the years I have tried many VPN services, both free and paid, as I said most free services WILL sell you data,
and free servers will slow down you internet connection siginifaclly.
I was using one service and suddenly I started receiving more spam mails then usual, and you just don’t feel secure with those.

Now there are also many great VPN services but there is one VPN service that stands above all


So why NordVPN ? what makes it the best and most secure VPN service out there?

No-Log VPN service

NordVPN servers are located in Panama , and for that they can not be a subject of data retention laws, and not any government can force them to share the data, they are based away from the EU and US jurisdictions.
Above that they have a strict no logging policy,

What does that means ?

They do not store connection time stamps, session information, used bandwidth, traffic data, IP addresses, or other data. Nothing to store – nothing to share with anyone.So even if someone did somehow manage to access their servers or force them to share it (like government entity) , you information is not logged there, so they can not find anything .As a user you can not test it yourself so the No Log policy have been tested and verified by independent verifies
that review and audited their servers .

Military-grade encryption with NordVPN

NordVPN encrypts any connection with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
AES has a total of 3 encryption strengths, namely 128, 192 and 256 bits, from which NordVPN leaves the selection to the user. With the lowest level, 128 bits, it is almost impossible for someone else to hijack or trace the connection.
So far, there is no proven way to crack the encryption method called AES, and even the US government declared such encryption as impossible to crack.
Such encryption methods have long been classified as war material in the US and have become part of various arms export laws. Long story short: Whoever builds a connection with NordVPN is not only anonymous but also the connection contents are not readable.
If that is not enough, you can go one step further and increase the encryption to 448-bit per configuration.

Speed of NordVPN

That one is an important one as well , almost as much as the encryption of you data,
There are VPN services there are great and secure yes for sure, but what that worth when you internet connection speed
reduces by more then 50% and it takes forever to load pages, you might be secure but you experience overall browsing and using the internet takes a strong hit, and you just might think I don’t need this VPN, I want back my speed!

With my experience NordVPN has a decent speed. Some servers are extremely fast, while others may be slower when the load is high, NordVPN has an above-average number of servers: More then 5000 servers are available in 60 countries, to choose from and if you feel the server is slow, you can easily switch and choose another one.Unlike other VPN providers, NordVPN has servers in Asia, South America, Europe, India, the Middle East, and recently, China. It’s important to note that their servers are dedicated, which means they are physically located in these countries and not virtual. NordVPN has an impressive amount of servers, which help to “spoof” you location.

So with that many servers available, that means each server will get less loaded, and you speed will not be very much affected and you can continue working and using the internet freely and securely.

Special Servers

There some special server types to choose also if you need any kind of these services, you have it for even more private and secure connection

Torrents and Netflix

Well , I know there are many people out there that getting a VPN only for bypassing the Netflix Geo restriction
and so that they can access the premium US content.
While that’s not the main reason you should get a VPN, for you who do want get that US content using a VPN.

NordVPN does and can bypass Netflix restrictions, and I was able to stream US content using it.

I must admit, not all servers working with Netflix , it is known that Netflix tries and blocks Known IP addresses and servers that associated with VPN services, they don’t want users get this premium content by “cheating” them.
So if you want a VPN only for that reason, with NordVPN you will be able stream Netflix and get content from others countries.
And you know what guys ? even if you will get it just for that reason, I will be satisfied as long as you have a VPN that will protect you for all the other “pure” reasons to get a VPN.

Regarding Torrents ,

NordVPN has made special “P2P servers” that are solely meant for keeping you torrenting activities safe and private. You can access the P2P servers via “specialty” servers list as shown above.
Torrents are safe fast and secure and I did not have any problems with them while using NordVPN .

More Features

More great features are available with NordVPN such as:

Automatic kill switch – The VPN Kill Switch continuously monitors you connection to the VPN server. If the connection accidentally drops, the Kill Switch blocks you device (or the apps you have specified) from accessing the web.

Onion over VPN – NordVPN have special server that can route you connection through the Onion network for even more privacy and encryption .

All platforms – NordVPN available for all major platforms and have extension to Chrome and Firefox web browsers


There are several pricing plans for NordVPN, the 3-year plan cost only 2.99$ a month
and that’s the one that I recommend, and there are some more plans, you can see below,
Also there is a 30-day money back guarantee , so if you don’t like it, you can get you money back.
But what’s there not to like? It’s a VPN, it protects you and you data, and that’s all what Nord VPN does,
and it does it best.


You can pay by several different methods, Credit card, amazon pay and my favorite one ,
what I like the most, you can pay with cryptocurrency !


Final thoughts and Verdict

I will be dead serious and a little rude right now guys,for you who don’t have and don’t use a VPN
Please I beg you, don’t be stupid, don’t think you don’t need that and you doing great without that by now.
VPN is like a car seat belt, it keeps you safe and secure for that one time that something IS happening.
Common guys, what’s 3 bucks a month and get peace and quit for you all information security ?

that’s a must have software for all devices ,
no matter who you are, and what you are doing on the internet ,
You just got to have a VPN, it essential for todays day.
Not tomorrow , not next week, get a VPN TODAY !
As you saw it is also important to get the right one.

My verdict is NordVPN is the most secure vpn software that is available right now .

It is fast it is secure it is very simple to use, they have excellent support and knowledge base on their website, and it defentily delivers what it promises, being that NordVPN has focused on just one business, namely anonymous surfing. Unlike other manufacturers, VPN is not just another product out of many of the company, but their main business. That’s why NordVPN providing such a high quality product.

Final Score is 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Get NordVPN today


I hope that was helpful for you guys and you found what you look for,
please if you have any questions or comments,
leave a comment below and I will be happy to reply

Best Regards,



Software Engineer and IT specialist


George · May 23, 2019 at 9:43 am

to be honest – I didn’t care much about a VPN yet.
But reading your article it seems to be more important that I thought.
Especially nowadays when nearly everyone can get access to your internet connection. I had some attacks already and it was really awful. Lost a lot of data.
If this VPN can protect me a bit more I’d be happy already.
Thanks and all the best,

    Alex · May 25, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Hi George,
    Thank for your comment, yes VPN today is very important , no matter who you are or what you do on the internet , you want to keep yourself and your personal information safe

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