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Value for money



  • FL Studio made it OS X/MacOS compatible.
  • Multiple Arrangements to handle workflow better
  • FL Studio 20 Producer Edition is a powerhouse when it comes to all the features equipped within the system


  • Certain elements of the workflow made it look chunky when compared to other competitors
  • Big emphasis on Menu bars and toolbars in the software , making it tough for beginners to work their way around it

Whether you are a professional producer or just a dedicated listener of music, it goes without a doubt that we can all learn to appreciate the power of music in our lives. It has the strength to lift up your mood after a bad day at work and carries the radiance to let the artist in you shine!

While we all may tap our feet to our favorite track, we might not realize that there’s a lot more that goes into the production of a track. Countless layers of editing, additions of instruments and what not! Just naming all the features of a musical software will leave your mind in the state of confusion. If it is so hard to study the features of a MIDI system, then how are you to make a decision on which one to buy to start your best big project?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this FL Studio review, I have provided a brief of all the specifications, highlights and customer impression of the 20th edition of the Image Line FL Studio  Producer Edition 20 to make it easier for you to analyse the software by yourself because, at the end of the day, every artist works differently. So, let your artistic persona on the loose and let’s dive into our FL Studio review.

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Titled after the software’s 20th anniversary, the FL Studio 20 Producer Edition comes with a highlighting feature this time; a 64-bit Mac version, which means that FL Studio can now be used on MacOS/OS X minus the hassle of arranging a chunky work-around whenever you wish to use it. You can easily swap between Mac and PC versions and one licence will unlock both the versions.

FL Studio Producer Edition 20

FL Studio Producer Edition 20

Instead of the single timeline in the previous editions, the new and improved FL Studio 20 Producer Edition has the feature to split creative, mixing and arrangements into their own separate UI windows which aims to help you handle the workflow.

The appearance of any product matters as it increases the aesthetic value of the piece, and don’t worry, we won’t possibly skip that important part in this FL Studio review. By the looks of it, the FL Studio 20 Producer Edition looks like your conventional, retro sort of MIDI system with a darker colour palette. A plus point of the 20th version is the fact that the solid vector graphics from the previous editions have been retained. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then its appearance will be attractive enough for you to work with.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the FL Studio enhanced the past versions, 13 to 19, and straight up offered their users with the 20th edition. This edition comes with updates that are worth noticing as the whole system creates a melody and loop creation environment for your creative space. It comes with a Mixer that consists of audio sends, side chain control, multi-touch support, advanced automation, effects chains and so much more!

FL Studio 20 Producer Edition’s flexible, full-featured loop creation tools allow you to beat-slice, chop, time stretch and edit your audios with ease. In addition, each of the tracks can add up to eight effects and can be routed to any other tracks. The variety of effects available right in the box establishes the FL Studio 20 Producer as a platform to channel your artistic spirit and garnish your creativity with the finest features. You can put delay, distortion, EQ, phasing, chorus, vocoding, reverb and filtering on your audio tracks as per your liking. The mastering tools of multiband compression and parametric EQ will aid you  to curate a track that has always kept you awake at night, fulfilling your artistic dreams.


Another attribute of this new edition is the software’s Playlist section that allows you to add multiple arrangements. This feature provides every project with an unlimited amount of alternative versions of the Playlist, which makes it easier for the producer to switch between them and make the necessary alterations as they prefer.

A track isn’t just made of one single instrument. There’s a whole parade of instruments that goes into the act of curating the track. To fulfil all your instrument needs, Fruity Loop Studio has created their FL Studio 20 Producer Edition with an aim to virtually create any sound possible. Whether you wish to create a soulful track with traditional instruments or spice up your beat with some head bobbing electronic rhythm, FL Studio’s powerful browser makes it easy to add any category you want. You get 11 synthesisers in the box, equipped with the realistic sounds of acoustic guitar, plucked strings, synth bass, piano, beat-slicing, and tons of other features.

Its Vectorial interface promotes a workspace where you can easily resize and rearrange your tracks. To make the production experience more wholesome, the FL Studio 20 Producer Edition supports third-party VST2, VST3, AU instruments and effect plug-ins.

With the new edition comes new and enhanced features to keep up with the advancing technology. With FL Studio 20 Producer Edition, you get to enjoy a refined Graph Editor, Legacy Precomputed FX, upgraded channel samplers and new plug-ins.

It isn’t possible to mention every single feature of the MIDI production as there are quite a few to list out on your fingertips. Now, that we have gone through the new and updated features of FL Studio 20 Producer Edition, let’s have a look at some of the previous customers’ experience with this edition.

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Customer Impression

What Impressed The Customers?

The feature of multiple arrangements was something that attracted plenty of users. The past users of Fruity Loop Studio appreciated this feature in the new edition, as it allowed them to handle their workflow better.

Apple users were probably the most satisfied with the new updates, as for the first time, they were able to taste the joy of working on this software as well, after FL Studio made it OS X/MacOS compatible.

Equipped with an abundance of features, the Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition is a powerhouse when it comes to all the features equipped within the system. The diverse features helped the customers create a more detailed track with multiple musical layering.

What Bummed Out The Customers?

While the workflow was handled well with the multiple arrangements feature, there were certain elements of the workflow that made it look chunky when compared to other competitors.

There is a strong emphasis on menu bars and toolbars in the software, making it tough for beginners to work their way around it. Even if you are a professional but lack the knowledge of quick shortcut keys, your editing process might get a little slow due to the rather confusing setup.


We have just grazed the surface with this FL Studio review as there is still so much to discover about this software. This is only possible if you give it a try yourself and be your own judge! It might not be the most revolutionary DAW of all time, but with its practical design and variety of features installed, it becomes a musical platform that many beginners can start their journey as a music producer with, as well as aid the professionals to create tracks for their next big project. It is always a great time to travel into your creative zone and create music, and FL Studio 20 Producer Edition comes along as a decent option to start off your next track with.

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