If you’ve never used the Firefox web browser before, you’ve been promised a smooth landing by Mozilla: new users are not monitored by default.

On Tuesday, Mozilla pledged to have Enhanced Tracking Protection switched on by default, blocking all known third-party cookies within Firefox, new consumers of the present Firefox 67.0.1 and subsequent versions. Enhanced Tracking Protection will go hand in hand with a fresh Facebook Container variant that prohibits you from viewing websites with integrated Facebook trackers as you move around the internet.

While Enhanced Tracking Protection will be switched on by fresh users by default, this does not imply that current users are stuck. You can go to the primary menu of Firefox by clicking on Privacy & Security. Go to Content Blocking, then make sure that both the Custom button and the Cookies checkbox are activated. From there, make sure that the option for third-party trackers is activated in the drop-down menu.

Privacy was also the driving force behind last year’s launched Facebook Container, a Firefox technology. Previously, to distinguish it from standard browser tabs, the container separated your Facebook browsing into its own tab— the container— which was painted green. Facebook Container has been intended to create tracking your activity more difficult for Facebook as you jumped between Facebook and other browser tabs.

The modernized Facebook container extends a little further, preventing the Facebook link on websites featuring Facebook Like and Share buttons. In fact, next to those icons you will see a violet “fence” sign to warn you that data is not being transferred back to Facebook.

Official site : https://mozilla.org


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