In an attempt to reposition itself as a centre for workplace cooperation and productivity, Dropbox has provided its file sharing software a significant revision.

The goal of the company is to mix in one location different divided digital workplace instruments.
“It’s a single workspace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together, wherever you are,”
the firm said Monday in a blog article.

To accomplish this objective, three primary parts of the fresh Dropbox app are aiming.

First, it incorporates records from a variety of sources, including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and files from Microsoft Office, making them available in one location. Users can generate, arrange and distribute material directly from Dropbox, the firm said, while webpages and other SaaS instruments can also store bookmark shortcuts. Finding documents also has an enhanced search interface.

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Second, integration with collaborative and communication instruments, including Slack and Zoom, makes it simpler to chat with colleagues about ongoing job without exiting Dropbox.

Finally, the fresh app will assist customers in coordinating digital job. This implies integrating lightweight project management features such as to-do lists to assist maintain track of job going, @mentions to assign job, and the capacity to place files in project-specific folders. Progress on shared files can also be checked with a fresh feed for team operation.

The fresh characteristics, accessible internet and in Dropbox’s desktop app, are accessible for all Dropbox schemes, including the free tier, at no additional cost. An early access program can be opted for by users here.

Collaboration: Dropbox’s natural development

The revised software marks the recent stage in the evolution of the company from a cloud file storage platform to a collaborative company, as demonstrated by other brand releases such as the Dropbox Paper content collaboration tool in 2015.

“Dropbox has naturally gravitated to collaboration; this is how users instinctively use it, as a repository where collaboration workflows start. The redesign however, makes it official: Dropbox is staking a claim as a destination where work gets done.”
Raúl Castañón-Martínez, 451 Research senior analyst said.

For the business, the fresh desktop app appears to be a “natural evolution,”
said Gartner’s research director Larry Cannell.

“Documents are a core focus of many teams’ online collaboration,” he said. “However, teams need more than documents. They also track tasks, share feedback and need to keep tabs on what others are doing.”

In essence, the revamped Dropbox app expands a shared folder beyond just keeping documents and offering a larger collaborative workspace, Cannell said.
“Documents are still the core experience, but these other supporting elements are easily accessible.”


Dropbox is not the only seller of software that wishes to be a digital workplace center, with a claim being staked by different suppliers. This implies adopting a document-centered strategy in the event of Dropbox.

In addition to discussions and cooperation, content is one of the key components of team cooperation, said Cannell, and a variety of products have developed to satisfy the requirements of each of these fields. Conversations are focused on Slack and Microsoft Teams, while content is focused on Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, G-Drive. Asana, Trello and Monday likes are tailored to coordinate their job.

“All teams need a combination of these three core elements,” said Cannell.

Of course, as well as being integrated with each other, many of these businesses give overlapping characteristics, which means that the limits between distinct collaborative classifications are often changing.
The outcome is now a range of business user decisions.

“Every vendor wants to be the collaboration hub,” said Cannell. “Teams should focus on which of these elements are most important to them to determine where to start and what should be their ‘hub.'”

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