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  • Compared to many other keyword search tools, Jaaxy is reasonably cheap.
  • Very user friendly and smooth understandable interface
  • Easily track your keywords
  • Save your searched keywords list for later use


  • With the free plan you can search up to 30 times

Keywords have great significance in online marketing. From new bloggers to big organizations and all in between know the role of keywords. They all strive for a reliable and powerful keyword search tool.

There are many keyword search tools available online but only a few of them are efficient. The Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of them. I have been using this keyword tool from 5 years and I love its functionality.

This  Best Keyword Research Tool Review  going to cover a comprehensive review of Jaaxy keyword research tool. In this article, I am going to explain in detail what Jaaxy is, how it works, pros & cons, and pricing.

    What is Jaaxy?

    It is a premium Keyword search tool designed for both the newbies and affiliate marketers. It’s beneficial for newcomers as it shows them suitable and actionable data. Jaaxy will be your adviser from day one as it will show you the exact words to rank high.

    It is equally beneficial for affiliate marketers because it finds great available niches where they can set-up quickly.

    It is not just a keyword search tool but a whole set of tools which you need for prosperous online marketing.

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    Who is the Creator of Jaaxy?

    The co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate University and SiteRubix, Carson and Kyle created Jaaxy keyword search tool for Affiliate members of the university and other marketers.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform by itself, I am using it for quite some time now and I learned a lot from the lessons and course they provide, for now I am doing review on Jaaxy that is the keyword research tool that is used in the Wealthy Affiliate program I am using it all the time, it is essential .

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    What can be Done by Jaaxy?

    Jaaxy is an expert for a lot of things such as:

    • Searching for low competition keywords that will help in instant ranking
    • Showing untapped niches that will cause high traffic
    • Showing the ranking of your site and posts
    • Comparing different keywords to show you which will be more suitable
    • Tells you estimated traffic that a specific keyword will get your site
    • Searching a long list of various keywords
    • Making a to-do-list for you related to your projects
    • Saving list of your searched keywords
    • Organizing keywords by topic
    • Helping you choose the best keywords based on different statistics
    • Searching new domain names for you
    • Buying and flipping domains for you
    • Guiding you regard the trendy keywords on web
    • Using Google technique of Instant Alphabet Soup and making it useful for your keyword search
    • Revealing related affiliate programs for your keywords
    • Instructing you if you should spend on a particular niche

    And much more.



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    Find outstanding “Money Making” Keywords

    The greatest concern with individuals these days seems to be the fear of having too much competition in the place they’re supposed to go into. This is a premise based on a Lack of knowledge using keywords !

    To be quite frank with you, my greatest concern has always been that I will never have enough time out there to tackle all the “no competition” niches. I have too many keywords, too many thoughts, too many niches from which I realize I can generate full-time revenue. I guess it’s a nice issue to have.

    I can generate “at will” effective campaigns because I understand how to discover an incredible number of keywords in a niche, because when you have access to a instrument like Jaaxy, you can discover stuff that no other keyword instrument can access. I’m trying to aim at finding keywords with less than 300 complete competing websites in Google (in the globe), and keywords that get traffic, and they MUST be meaningful.




    What Are The Pros Of Jaaxy?

    Below is a list of Jaaxy’s perks that you will love to use.

    •  Economical: As compared to many other keyword search tools, Jaaxy is reasonably cheap.
    •  Saving Keyword List: You can save your searched keywords list for later use.
    •  Easy User Interface: The color coding make the use of interface easy. Red and green indicate what to pick and what to leave.
    •  Tracking Of Rank: With Jaaxy premium subscription, you can easily track your keywords. You will not need to buy any other WordPress plugin.
    •  Free Instruction Videos: You will get four different videos that will instruct you how to use Jaaxy.

    What Are The Cons Of Jaaxy?

    Nothing in this world is perfect and free of errors. So, Jaaxy keyword search tools do have some disadvantages. Let’s discuss some:

    • Not Free: There is a monthly fee to use unlimited services of Jaaxy.


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    Who can use Jaaxy?

    It is obvious that Jaaxy is useful for newbies and experts of online businesses. Here is a list of who can take benefits from the Jaaxy keyword search tool.

    • Freelancers
    • Content Writers
    • Bloggers
    • Niche hunters
    • Domain searchers
    • Site flippers
    • Web designer
    • YouTube sellers
    • Facebook managers
    • SEO writers and companies
    • Online publicists
    • Stalkers who have a long list of competitors
    • Website owners
    • Local businesses
    • Email marketers
    • Affiliate marketers

    What Are Interface Of Jaaxy?

    The following terms appear when someone searches for keywords on Jaaxy.

    1. Keyword
    2. Avg.
    3. Traffic
    4. QSR
    5. KQI
    6. SEO
    7. Domain
    8. Related


    You searched keyword will appear under this heading. For free accounts, Jaaxy provides five keywords. For Pro and Enterprise accounts, it will show 15 and 50keywords respectively.


    This is the average monthly search result for the specific keyword. The average showed numbers are the estimate of monthly searches on Google. This is pretty accurate as I personally tried it.


    This is the estimated expected traffic for your searched keyword. Choose the keyword with high expected traffic as it will help you to appear on the first page of Google and get more traffic, you will want to pick keywords with at least 50 or more, and also make sure not to choose keywords that have high traffic but also have high competition , you will find it very hard to rank with such keywords.


    QSR is quoted search result. For example, if you search keywords with quotes in Google (example: “Jaaxy”), QSR shows you how many other websites have this exact keyword in their title or Meta description.

    Basically what that means is the competition for that particular keyword, the lower this number is the better .


    KQI is keyword quality indicator. There are color coding such as green means that go for it, yellow is confusing, and red means you should skip the keyword.


    Search Engine Optimization needs no introduction as everyone knows and strive for it. You should choose keywords with high SEO value and low QSR.


    Domain category tells you if the particular keyword has match domain names.


    It shows you other similar keywords. It further helps you to dig deep and find suitable low competition keywords.

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    What Is The Pricing Of Jaaxy?

    I would like to clarify to you that Jaaxy has alternatives for any budget, from someone just beginning, to someone who knows the significance of keyword research, to the power user.

    Following is an updated pricing chart of Jaaxy.

    There are three pricing plans.

    1. Free Plan
    2. Pro Plan
    3. Enterprise Plan

    Free Plan (Price: $0)

    It will give you the first 30 searches free of cost. The free searches are available for keywords, affiliate programs,search analysis, and alphabet soup. You can utilize your free searches on any kind mentioned above.

    Pro Plan (Price: $49/month)

    With the Pro plan, you will get:

    • Unlimited searches for keywords
    • Three times faster search as compared to the free plan
    • On-demand domain availability
    • On-demand QSR keyword
    • SEO analysis
    • Lists of keywords
    • Post/Site ranking
    • To-do-list
    • Stalking option for competitor analysis
    • Two search tab options simultaneously


    Enterprise Plan (Price: $99/month)

    To unlock the premium features and have more power, the Enterprise plan may be a suitable choice for you.

    It contains all the Pro plan features and even additional such as:

    • Instant available competition analysis
    • Five times faster than other plans
    • Instant domain availability
    • Available data sorting
    • Up to five tabbed searches
    • Fifty results for Alphabet Soup search
    • It has a few more available features


    I’m using Enterprise personally because I’m a power user (someone who doesn’t like to spend time) and I recommend you go for that choice if you want the supreme brilliance. Try the free variant if you’re a little uncertain and want to get your feet damp with Jaaxy. It’s restricted, but you’re going to get a good idea of what to expect. Jaaxy Pro still rocks if you start and have a restricted budget. It will save you hours off your keyword research every day and still has most of the Enterprise tasks, it’s just not virtually as “fast.”


    Final Thought

    After writing a detailed review of Jaaxy, I would highly recommend it because of its proven benefits. It can be your keyword search tool to grow big in online marketing. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. The pricing is reasonable as compared to other available online keyword search tools. You can save you searched keywords list for later use.

    You can try Jaaxy today for first 30 free searches. It doesn’t need any installation on your laptop. You just have to sign up by your Email.

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    I hope that was helpful for you and found what you look for, I am happy to answer any question you can leave them below or any comments that you have.

    Best Regards ,



    Software Engineer and IT specialist


    Adyns68 · July 18, 2019 at 5:49 am

    Great review, you really took time to include all the details of this amazing tool.

    I have been using jaaxy for a while now and I like results. The keywords that I am getting are helping me get index quickly in the search engines. And I like the fact that I can check on my competitor content right from Jaaxy, this helps me create a better and more detailed content to beat my competition.

    Thanks for sharing

      Alex · July 19, 2019 at 6:26 am

      Hi Adyns,
      Thanks for your response , Jaaxy is an amazing tool , I am as well using it all the time
      and the results are great, in my opinion the it is best keyword research tool out there.
      Best regards,

    Jay · July 18, 2019 at 5:56 am

    I think the creators of jaxxy did an amazing job. I have been making use of jaxxy for more than a year and I have to say I have been really impressed with it. It is very user friendly with amazing features that would make of user experience of a keyword searcher as smooth as possible. 

    The pricing is very affordable and I see myself using this research tool for a very long time.

      Alex · July 19, 2019 at 6:24 am

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks for your comment , yes indeed the did an amazing job
      and I am happy to see more people are using it and finding very useful tool for keyword researching .
      Best Regards ,

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