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  • Easy and Simple to Use
  • Prebuilt Sales Funnels
  • Save Money and Time
  • Simple and Quality Web designing


  • Lack of Customizations
  • Sometimes it's just too simple

You may have heard of ClickFunnels if you are in contact with the online marketing world. Is ClickFunnels worth Tying out? What are Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is presently one of the most strong instruments on the market for creating marketing funnels. This all-in-one sales funnel system provides you with a shopping cart, self reply, email and much more. I started using it acutally not long ago and already had some success .
Here’s an Honest Click Funnels  Review, What I consider to be the best funnel software.

What exactly is ClickFunnels?

So what are clickfunnels? In 2014, Russell Brunson, an online marketer and businessman who has altered the manner most companies look at advertising today, conceived and produced ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel manufacturer that makes listing, selling and delivering their products online simple for anyone. Unlike a website bundle, with its drag and drop maker, Clickfunnels makes it simple to customize your creations, no coding required!

This means that you don’t have to wait for someone to construct your website. You can use Clickfunnels if you understand how to use Facebook!

While marketing funnels have been around for a long time, Clickfunnels has developed a fresh motion that has made it simple for anyone to produce something incredible of any ability level.

 With Clickfunnels you can build:

  • Landing Pages
  • Opt In Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Membership Websites
  • Webinars
  • Sales Funnels with Upsells
  • Normal Business Websites And Blogs

You can create it in Clickfunnels, almost any website you can think of. That’s what makes it so wonderful. The drag-and-drop publisher makes getting began easy for anyone.

While these websites are great in themselves, they also have built-in marketing characteristics (in the Etison suite) where you can handle all of your contact cards (Actionetics MD) and even begin your own affiliate program (Backpack). This is fantastic because Other individuals are promoting your goods for you! A must be serious about expanding your company for anyone.

We all understand that a sales funnel is great, but I will show you why I prefer Clickfunnels. Before we begin, note that you can get a free trial so you can decide if this is the best choice for you before you decide to purchase. Just press the key below to get this Revolist-only trial!

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Because Clickfunnels focuses strongly on marketing, it comes with simple methods to sell your products online by clicking a key, setting up subscription pages, building an email list, creating a selling site and more. In our Clickfunnels Review, we will address most of this.

Nothing gets near to Clickfunnels when it gets to ease of use. Some individuals may believe it’s costly, but you need to think about what you’re saving.

You don’t need to worry about:

  • Hosting
  • Developers
  • Server Maintenance
  • Downtime
  • Getting Hacked

Clickfunnels is really inexpensive once you add up those variables, All you need to concentrate on is creating a GREAT marketing website  (even then, you can use thousands of reward templates). If I did not think the software is excellent and can save people a lot of time and money, I would not do this Clickfunnels Review and would not show it to people.

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How ClickFunnels Work ?

ClickFunnels enables you to integrate all the key sales and marketing aspects necessary for an efficient and operational sales channel. These include web hosting, landing pages, self responders, and much more.

ClickFunnels enables you save time and cash when contrasted to traditional marketing funnels. The platform has all the instruments you need to operate an online business successfully. What this implies is that you can get more clients, sell them, and create more profit quicker!

What’s a Sales Funnel anyway ?

A sales funnel is a sequence of measures to direct a sale to your client. Just as in true life you would. You have the ability to upsell the customer on other items when someone buys a product off you in real life, and then sell it back to them after you have their contact details.


This is made simple by software like Clickfunnels. Think of it in a website shape as a marketing individual. Available 24/7! What business isn’t going to want that? That’s why you need a funnel for revenues.

Why Use A Sales Funnel?

You will rapidly understand the importance of a marketing channel if you are looking for a manner to sell your products or services online. To accomplish a required intervention, a sales funnel enables you drive focused traffic to a sequence of landing pages. The intervention can be to sell, download software, or create a marketing list of emails.

It can be a lengthy and complicated method to build a sales funnel, which is why you need a platform like ClickFunnels. I will address everything you need to understand about ClickFunnels in this post.

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Top Features Of Click Funnels

While in Clickfunnels there are literally hundreds of excellent characteristics,
let’s look at some of the top features and what distinguishes them from other marketing funnel software on the market today.

Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels has 22 kinds of qualified marketing funnel templates which can be used for any business entity effectively. There are four classifications of the Funnels:

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Membership funnels

Each sort of funnel has its own free templates and pay templates from which you can choose. Even if you don’t have web design abilities, you can still have a professional-designed funnel site prepared to go in a matter of hours.

Usually you generate landing pages or plug in websites to link back to the location or generate a list of emails. To generate efficient marketing funnels, a sequence of landing pages can be used.

ClickFunnels is more than just a manufacturer of the landing page. The platform enables you to pick particular kinds of facilities or products, such as eBook marketing funnels, from pre-built funnels.

You can edit the funnels easily as you like, but you don’t have to spend time building and connecting a sequence of landing pages, it’s accomplished for you already. There are over 40 templates of clickfunnels to choose from and up to 9 funnels to drag and drop.

Visual Drag and Drop Editor

The editor of ClickFunnels enables you create every website in a funnel to appear precisely as you want. Using parts with amount of lines and columns, pages in ClickFunnels are laid. What this implies is that what you want you can readily drag and drop. Super user friendly.

You can indicate either begin a website from scratch or use an current model using the easy-to-use ClickFunnels editor. You can also pick parts on that website when using a model and transfer them where they want them to be. This implies that you merely save time by editing an current marketing funnel.

Large Selection of Page Elements

ClickFunnels provides components that are vital to make the precise website you want flexible. Some of ClickFunnels ‘ fundamental components include buttons, entry types, title and video widgets. This is what the consumer will see on your sales funnel’s front end.

ClickFunnels also offers other sophisticated aspects such as polls, progress bars, tables for billing and advancement bars. These are used to move a client into an email address to sign up or plug in.

ClickFunnels can customize almost all elements and users can change common properties such as background color, fonts and margins. Some components have particular features for the picture component, such as the picture URL.

Tutorial and Click Funnels Onboarding Process


ClickFunnels offers a lot of tutorials to assist you get to know their service. You will be brought to a 7-day onboarding task once you sign up. This method includes four distinct matches, with each match completing measures.

Each phase includes a mission and a brief video message explaining what to do to complete the method. Even if the entire process is optional, you can win a ClickFunnels prize once you complete all the steps.

More Features Of Click Funnels


Actionetics is software for automation that monitors your leads ‘ stats when they visit your sales funnel. It enables you to comprehend your target audience’s requirements readily, enabling you to better tailor and market your products using your marketing funnels.

Knapsack Tool

You can generate affiliate programs using the ClickFunnels Knapsack tool. Affiliate marketing is extremely common and very successful, particularly in the present age of social media existence and influencers.

Webinar Funnels

These help your target audience to register for webinars that have become more popular. The webinar funnel also serves as a useful data source and prospective future service.

Integrated Shopping Cart

The built-in shopping cart makes it simple for you to monitor with ecommerce website buying practices. Other comparable suite instruments involve extra programs, but they are incorporated in their tool sets by ClickFunnels.

Funnel Design Templates

You can select a range of funnel templates from your ClickFunnels, including Squeeze Page, Sales, Events, Lead Capture, amongst others, based on your marketing campaign requirements.

Payment Processing

You can use a mixture of PayPal and Stripe with ClickFunnels. This enables you at the end of your marketing funnel to receive payment for your goods, service and even subscription applications. The platform also features features that render managing your affiliates simple.

How To Use Clickfunnels

You will need a brand or service that you can give straight off the bat. Whether it’s through a,

  • Service
  • Physical Product
  • Online software/ affiliate program

Once you have a clear concept of who and how to sell one of the above alternatives, it’s time to know how much cash and time it takes to build a marketing funnel.
Even with great tools, a bussiness will not be built in 1 day, nor your sales funnel, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got a sales ladder that’s well thought out.

A marketing ladder may seem hard to build where you originally give a low-cost choice that becomes progressively more costly but the best way to believe about it would be to look back at the late-night TV infomercials you’ve seen.

The concept of “Wait for more” and “Call now and you’re going to obtain” is the fundamental concept that you’re going to work out. Sales funnels take complete benefit of the Fear of losing out (FOMO).

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Click Funnels Pricing

Look for a time at this sale of Clickfunnels. This table above shows you the major distinctions between the schedules. Depending on the characteristics of each scheme, ClickFunnels has two price models. The first scheme is the basic plan that costs about $97 and the Full Etison Suite is about $297.

Standard ClickFunnels Plan – $97

This scheme is fantastic to start from just $97 USD per month. This scheme has a restriction of 20 funnels, 100 websites in excess, 20,000 users a month and 3 custom fields. For most individuals, this is usually okay.

Etison Suite – $297

You get all of the above described but unlimited. The main difference between the standard plan and the Etison suite is the number of allocated monthly sales funnels, actionetics (email autoresponder), backpack (affiliate program) and landing pages. This Etison scheme is priced at $297.

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Is Clickfunnels Legit?

You may discover yourself searching for a quality website that provides all rounded alternatives and characteristics when you come up with a good idea and look at how to sell and market yourself online. You know you’re going to start investing a lot of your time and money so it’s important to stay with a provider who can provide quality support and don’t risk losing anything because of mismanagement.

It can be difficult to find out what’s legitimate vs. what’s an internet scam, and I wouldn’t blame you for getting reservations. As such, I understand that one Clickfunnels assessment may not alter your mind, so I promote you to look at the statistics.

It’s a company with over 80,000 employees and 2,5 million google results connected to its title, it also has more than 200,000 likes with a very engaged society on its official Facebook site. While the founder Russell Brunson has also been working since 2014, he has put all he’s worth into the business.

Why Is Clickfunnels So Expensive?

As stated above, Clickfunnels is a big business with more than 100 staff and outsourced much of its job as it is an internet business. When you pay them, your cash is used not only in fields such as assistance, study & growth and construction, but also in the physical expense of hosting your website and paying for stuff like SSL safety.

All these things add up, which is why the product with its fixed overheads can remain reasonably cheap as the user / membership increases.

It’s simple to get confused rapidly by the job engaged and the price of everything, particularly when you start and start your own website. It will determine whether Clickfunnels or a normal website is correct for you, depending on your requirements and what you are providing.

So it’s just down to price now. While a traditional website running out says WordPress can claim its CMS (Content Management System) is’ free,’ you still have to pay for your domain name, server hosting, SSL certificate, DDOS security, performance topics and any extra characteristics you may want to buy. So you’d look at the cost of $250-$ 700 for the first year just to get it began.

While yes, this is cheaper than the starting set for Clickfunnels (at $97 per month), a number of mind extras are lacking. That’s why Clickfunnels ‘ assertion to be ‘ so costly ‘ stems from a location of false leads.

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Click Funnel Pros and Cons


Easy and Simple to Use

ClickFunnels makes it easy and easy for all types of business entities to finish sales and marketing funnels.
There are distinct kinds of marketing funnels and to reach the expected client, each needs excellent design and execution. ClickFunnels is very helpful and user-friendly.

Prebuilt Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels allows end consumers to handle a variety of pre-built sales and marketing funnels. All items to implement are selected to satisfy the user’s particular requirements. A broad variety of pre-built funnels are available for you to choose from.

That means you don’t have the complicated procedures of web design to operate your online business effectively. All you need to do is select a pre-designed funnel that meets your business ‘ demands.

Save Money and Time

The user is well initiated to a choice of templates in ClickFunnels that are well checked and demonstrated to operate effectively and responsively.

Ideal for Internet marketing

When it goes to buying, advertising or providing internet goods and services, ClickFunnels is very helpful. It is also the highest sales and industry lead collection platform.

Manage Your Sales

By offering physical or digital products or services, the software enables you encourage and create your client base worldwide. Plus, you can readily monitor your customers ‘ sites and sources from.

Simple and Quality Web designing

ClickFunnels eliminates the need for integration with your website by many other company organizations and third parties. It enables you to design, develop and generate web pages for the marketing of your products.


Wide spread of focused areas

ClickFunnels provides a variety of functionality. It does not therefore excel in a single category because it is intended to handle every single part of your sales process.

Lack of Customizations

Although ClickFunnels enables you create easy landing websites,
LeadPages Builder lacks the amount of customization.

Sometimes it’s just too simple

ClickFunnels relies primarily on simplicity rather than customization
as some marketers think that this website builder is restricted.

Final Honest Click funnels Review Verdict

So if you wondered it’s worth Clickfunnels? YES is the answer. ClickFunnels is a secure software that enables you to generate landing pages, marketing sites within the marketing funnels that individuals need to navigate through, such as buying products, to take the required intervention. It is a instrument in which any company should consider investing.

To get a free trial, click on the button below and check it for yourself!

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I hope you’ve liked our review of Clickfunnels and I hope it’s clarified what clickfunnels are! Please make sure you leave a comment below if you have any concerns. I am more than pleased to address any questions about the software that you may have!

Best Regards ,


Software Engineer and IT specialist


Kevin McNamara · June 23, 2019 at 6:01 am

Hey Alex,

Great post! I have been considering Clickfunnels for a while now so I really appreciate this review. You have really given a thorough review too and answered a lot of my questions.

One thing I would like to know, how does it handle membership sites? I had heard it wasn’t all that great but ok.

Thanks again for a great post.



Alex · July 2, 2019 at 4:06 pm

Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply.

Yes you are actually correct , Click Funnels is OK for membership sites but yes it is not all that great for that , it’s just not what the focus is with Click Funnels ,
it is more focused on creating sale funnels that will generate leads and mailing lists for your products.
Regarding membership sites I actually don’t have much experience , I will do some research and I will try to get back as soon as possible what is best , and maybe will write a post on that also .
Best Regards ,

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