With so many threats out there in these days, a simple computer Virus infection
can lead to personal information theft , identity theft, ransomware, and many more .

Antivirus software is one of the most important softwares that everyone must have on their PC, and not only a PC, nowadays also every smartphone and tablet requires an antivirus in order to protect ourselves from all this threats .

In this Article I will not be focusing on 1 software in particular , instead I have composed a list
of my best top 5 Antivirus softwares, I will do an overview for each software .

You can choose to use any of these, but make sure you DO uses an Antivirus software at all times !

AVGtop 5 antivirus softwares 2019



AVG in the playground of virus protection since 1991.

So fair to say they know what they are doing. Over the years AVG has accumulated millions upon millions of loyal users with a vast range of products.

AVG Antivirus is more than just a virus protection tool.
The Czech company has software available for cleaning and accelerating the computer.
As well as VPN software and software designed to improve your device driver, improve performance and usability.

Thanks to the fact that since its founding AVG has won tons of security awards, their experience speaks for itself, it’s clear to you that every product they put out is outstanding.



AVG Antivirus comes in two types. AVG Anti Virus and AVG Internet Security.

Both versions also have a 30-day free trial that you can use to test both and see which version you prefer most. In addition, AVG is nice enough to give you a 30-day guarantee, so you can get a full refund for every product you purchased, and if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return and receive a refund 30 days after the purchase. They are a bit more expensive than other anti-virus software on the market, but worth it. AVG is very reliable, offers excellent support, and has some amazing features.

Reliability and security

AVG Antivirus holds so many awards such as ‘Virus Bulletin 100’ and keeps the title for years, it’s safe to say that AVG is a serious anti-virus piece and is made of cast software. AVG are known for their ease of use and are unrivaled in this field. Ease of use means that users have access to higher levels of protection by configuring antivirus software for what works best for them. This is a critical factor for improving security. This is also what usually keeps customers coming back again.

Support and customer service

AVG excels when it comes to support. They offer a 24/7 phone support line to help with any technological device. This includes your phone, printer, monitor, Xbox, webcam, anything! Such support line is simply unprecedented in the anti-virus industry, not to mention the technology industry. With a specific focus on antivirus, you’ll find plenty of detailed step-by-step guides for each product that AVG offers. Not good enough for you? AVG offers customers direct access via Twitter and Facebook. Not good enough for you? You can find a sea of forums around the web that can answer any questions you have.


AVG may have all the features you need from anti-virus software. AVG’s entry-level anti-virus features include email protection to keep your emails secure, link protection, to scan links from social media, and online shield to protect you from unsafe downloads, against ransomware (ransom software) to AVG Internet Security includes all the features of the standard antivirus that we have now reviewed, as well as anti-spam and online purchase protection. You can say that AVG has it all in fact, even mobile protection! So AVG actually saves you On all devices, what else can you ask for?


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top 5 antivirus softwares 2019


top 5 antivirus softwares 2019





Panda Security is an antivirus company based in Bilbao, Spain, specializing in the creation and distribution of IT security solutions. It has been ranked as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Europe since 1997.

Panda Security has started with anti-virus solutions but has since expanded to a sophisticated range of technologies to prevent cybercrime.

Panda provides an anti-virus software solution that is easy to install and intuitive.

You have three different packages to choose from, as well as unique features for the home user and / or business use.

Their anti-virus has strong mobile protection for Android and Mac, and it provides users with unique features such as parental controls and USB protection.



Panda Antivirus is great. But is it worth the price tag? After all, its free version is an antivirus solution with the highest security rates on the market, constantly updated and includes an impressive range of high performance and advanced features. So why spend your money on a Pro subscription?

First, there is the problem of convenience. Crawl times are faster, while the dashboard is much easier to use. Then, there is efficiency: Pro versions offer a personal firewall and are better at identifying new malware and threats than other free alternative. And, of course, if you are a business or you just need a complete package, multiple devices, option to sync files, store backup, etc. you will need to choose Pro.

And more, the Panda USP feature is a versatile and cool security umbrella for Android device protection, theft protection and sophisticated security features – and these are more than the annual subscription fee.

Reliability and security

The ease of use section says that installing Panda is easy enough to understand, and all the packages are shipped with an intuitive and well-designed interface that makes the usability refreshing.

There are automatic updates and no maintenance to make sure your software is out of date.

In addition, simply change your settings and their technical support for assistance is always available.

You can drag and drop the most important features onto your main page (their front management interface – the dashboard), and there is plenty of flexibility and control over features like blocking applications and programs that you do not trust or recognize.

How good does Panda Antivirus actually do the work for you clean up viruses from your computer?

Well, all versions of Panda Antivirus function well, to be exact: very good in independent lab tests when it comes to core functions like virus detection and malware blocking and malicious websites.

But even though it surpasses competitors protecting against malware, panda is definitely average when it comes to anti-phishing scams (phishing) and fraud detection. And the protection in the form of the personal firewall it provides, while sounding technically promising, does not offer the user much control as many people might want.

Another rather annoying detail, while its Android mobile solution offer your dream security, if you’re on a Mac or iPhone, you just will not get exactly those extreme conditions. Many of the benefits of Panda are expressed in systems like Windows (Windows) and Android (Android).

Support and customer service

All Panda Pro subscription packages offer comprehensive technical support by e-mail, phone, web chat, and a host of forums on the company’s website.

There are unique sections on the site for various security options including Windows, Mac and Android, as well as frequently asked questions covering everything Updates, and removals.

In the forums on the site you can learn and talk to other antivirus users about a wide range of topics, from data collection tools and adware to news and messages about new viruses.You can also contact the Panda AntiVirus team through platforms Various social media, including Facebook and Twitter that is a serious winner!

However, if you want premium level support, 24 hours which includes remote access by technicians, you will need to upgrade to an advanced protection solution.


Panda’s paid antivirus comes in three packages: basic protection, advanced protection, and full protection. As you would expect, the differences are in the various features offered. And what do they really offer?

First, there are standard security features of anti-virus for devices with Windows like protection from threats of malicious software, viruses and malicious websites, plus a USB scan (Flash Drive) that will trigger any time you plug any USB to the computer . What’s more, you get WiFi protection to block intruders and tools to track iPhone devices if God forbid was stolen or just want to know where you forgot it ..

But the real star of the show – what distinguishes Panda Antivirus from the rest of its competitors – is its innovative approach to portable security of Android devices.

In this spectrum we are talking about: anti-virus scans, tools for increasing performance, remote control to detect / lock / change features in managing your device, Panda also offers many ways to prevent physical theft.

For example, if someone enters your passcode incorrectly three times, the panda will email you a picture of the intruder’s attempt.

In addition, if you need to leave the phone unattended for a short period of time, you can turn on a feature that sets a continuous and loud alarm if someone tries Open it without putting the initial entry code.

These are all the features offered in all packages. So why choose the more expensive options?

Well, first of all, Antivirus for Mac is only available in the flagship product as well as features like parental controls, data protection and automatic file backup.

You can go a step further towards the Global and Gold subscription, which offers password management, file encryption and a “shredder” tool that will permanently delete a document. With Gold, you also get 20GB of cloud storage, synchronized between your devices.


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top 5 antivirus softwares



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top 5 antivirus software 2019




Norton AntiVirus from Symantec can easily wear the crown.

Norton makes antivirus software before there are viruses.

A quick glance at any computer lab or computer store and you’ll see Norton’s gleaming bright yellow package staring at you in front of your face and yelling at you. “Install me!” Norton AntiVirus has it all; Simple installation, easy to use, excellent customer service.

Norton meets all requirements when searching for anti-virus software. But be sure to look beyond the shiny yellow packaging, Norton can not be as glamorous as it seems, it is quite difficult to remove it and it suffers from lack of advanced features, however, it is still number one.


Norton Antivirus offers 4 different levels of protection each one and its price. Starting with “Norton Antivirus Basic”, then moving to “Norton Security Standard”, followed by Premium to Deluxe with unique features.

Choosing one of them includes protection coverage for several devices (PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets) and what do you care about coverage?

Basic antivirus protects only one computer (not Mac) and provides basic virus protection.

If you are looking to protect the whole family, for more than 5 devices you will need to register for the Deluxe Security Service.

The Deluxe Service also includes automatic backups and 25 GB free cloud storage. Deluxe Security Suite eliminates the need to purchase antivirus software for each device separately. All Norton products include their commitment to “100% virus-free”. So you can not argue that Norton is giving you extra value here.

Reliability and security

Norton is the biggest name in the anti-virus arena. So you can expect excellent quality and amazingly complete protection. 99% of the time, it is so. Norton Antivirus will find all the viruses on your device and remove them. However, Norton may also detect some of your existing secure programs and documents as a security threat and remove them from your device. That’s the price you pay with Norton.

High security and protection, at the cost of some convenience.

Support and customer service

Norton’s customer service is excellent. But getting to talk to a real person at Norton is almost as difficult as removing the virus you have on your computer yourself.

To speak to a member of the support team you need to fill out an online form to get the number to call.

Alternatively, you can use “live chat” on Norton’s website and it can sometimes be a bit frustrating.

For example, you could be talking to a live chat rep for 15-20 minutes and then he will tell you to call the support team.

However, there are plenty of online forums and support resources that you can read if you need help.

On the other hand, who needs support with antivirus that requires 100% virus-free?


When it comes to features there is a return to the fee.

You get what on what you pay for a Norton product.

A basic antivirus is a basic anti-virus and that’s it. But if you drill a little more you can find some features inside it that you will not find in any other antivirus.

If you take a look at Norton Security Deluxe, you can get immediate protection once you purchase a subscription to 10 devices. The Deluxe and Premium also give you access to the Norton Internet portal,

where you can manage the protection of all your devices with ease.

If you subscribe to Deluxe or Premium, you will receive family safety features, so you do not have to worry about your kids being exposed to inappropriate and unsafe content online. As I have noted here in the past, Deluxe also gives you 25GB of cloud storage, which is incomprehensible and extremely worthwhile.


top 5 antivirus software

top 5 antivirus software 2019MCAFEE


One of the biggest names in the antivirus industry.

McAfee produces reliability, security and antivirus software incredibly popular for over 30 years.

From a brand with such a great name, it’s fair to say that we expect products of very high quality.

McAfee constantly improves the variety of their antivirus software and now they produce the best anti-virus software in the world.

McAfee is everywhere. Most Dell and Acer laptops come in one form or another with McAfee antivirus protection already installed and embedded inside.

In 2010, computer giant Intel took control of McAfee (and has already sold it again as part of its security division) and since then the number of McAfee users has grown.


It is not easy to choose McAfee Antivirus, there are so many different versions all at different prices and each boasts different features. You can choose between Anti-Virus Plus, Total Protection and Internet Security.

There is also the most expensive and advanced version of McAfee LiveSafe.

When looking at a basic level of antivirus plus, you can understand that you’ll be covered against security threats on Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices. As well as protect against malware running on social media networks. Which is quite unusual value for the product at the basic level. Imagine what you get with the LiveSafe version ..

Reliability and Security

McAfee is a huge force in the anti-virus market. They will not be where they are today if they were not safe and reliable. Tests carried out by AV-Comparatives Research Institutes for anti-virus and independent data security have shown that McAfee’s hand is on top for each of the tests conducted. McAfee also provide a 30-day refund as guaranteed on all antivirus purchases.

It is nice to know that you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service or product.

It is worth mentioning that McAfee is notorious for one thing and is in that they slow down the performance of your device, so it is important to remember when making your decision.

On the other hand, to their credit, they will do so at the expense of strong staff work behind the scenes of the computer, so that every process in the background is checked and reviewed.

Total McAfee AntiVirus software is very easy to use, allows manual virus search or automatic reconfiguration of automatic searches and other settings to allow for better protection.

Support and customer service

There are several options when you need to get some help with McAfee products.

Within the software itself there is a Frequently Asked Questions and Basic Help section available to you.

McAfee also has their own dedicated online support site, full of tips and step-by-step help guides to help solve any problems you may have.

If that’s not enough, McAfee also has a phone support line, live chat available. McAfee wants to take care of you. They always went out of their way to help you. In this section you are covered.


All the anti-virus programs offered by McAfee come packaged just like the sweet jam you buy in a boutique with some really amazing features.

The basic version will protect your computer, phone, network and more.

Another step for McAfee Internet Security, and you can also enjoy anti-spam, security, and parental controls.

The difference between Internet Security and the most advanced version of LiveSafe (Second Trick on Total Protection and Total Protection) is only two features.

You can decide yourself if you need to spend more for McAfee, it will give you functions like file locking or will provide you with secure cloud storage.


top 5 antivirus software 2019


top 5 antivirus software 2019ESET



ESET (Essential Security Against Evolving Threats) is a software protection company based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Their main antivirus product, ESET NOD32 (NOD is the acronym Nemocnica na Okraji Disku) and the NOD32 has a strong place in the history of antivirus products because it was one of the first antivirus products ever to win The award for ‘Viruses 100’ (VB100) is awarded in 1998, the award is given only to anti-virus with algorithms that are able to properly find 100% of the malware samples in the competition test was in Germany in 1998.

With nearly 30 different products to choose from, it can be quite complex to know what to choose from ESET products.

Has their antivirus continued to demonstrate quality performance from the days of its golden age? Is the pre-era of modern computer protection is old news for it? Is it still one of the best in the market?


ESET NOD32 The basic antivirus is a fair price for the sites and gives you a value equal to a year of protection on one PC, which is therefore priced in the range of low to medium in terms of pricing in the industry.

For your money, you get a very reputable antivirus product with very high rankings and high customer satisfaction thanks to its simplicity and skill to protect your computer from hard viruses.

Its features are not very impressive, but it seems that it does the basic things very well (which is what most people need), with “fast detection and low false alarms”.

For what you pay for the basic version it’s a little disappointing that it covers a low number of types of digital protection, especially when you calculate what you paid; You can get more from other companies in a similar price range. On the other hand, it has a free version. So what do you mind trying?

Reliability and security

In one ESET antivirus index outstanding and in their reliability index, NOD32 is one of the most powerful antivirus products on the market thanks to its Heuristic algorithm.

Heuristic algorithms (in this case) are the algorithms used by antivirus products to detect malicious software that has never been seen before. Antivirus detection which a company has seen before – is easy, ESET are considered the best in the industry for detecting malware that no one has ever seen before meaning new strains of viruses.

The product itself is very easy to use thanks to a simple user interface. You can set up very easily if you are fully protected (or at least protected as ESET can make you), how to scan and how to get help.

Support and customer service

There are no words to exaggerate how good the service is.

The support works as follows: Before you apply for support, you will be advised to use the search engine If you need help, you will need to open a service call using a form on the website and a representative will get back to you soon.

It should be noted that in the first stage, the support will be provided first by operating independently using guides or useful tools that the service representative will provide you.

However, ESET has a father and a mother. Any request that is not resolved after implementation of the solution proposed by the service representative will be transferred to the phone for further handling (outgoing call from the service team). So at least in this matter, you have peace of mind.


The ESET NOD32 Antivirus which is the flagship of ESET has a lot to write. One of the key features of this version is the ability to disable pop-ups and alerts (notifies) if you watch a movie or game!

While this feature is welcome, the fact that it is one of their leading features speaks for itself about the scope and flexibility of the software.

Another great feature, NOD32 Antivirus has anti-phishing capability, or anti-phishing, which can “prevent attempts to acquire sensitive information about you such as usernames, passwords, access key information to your bank account and card information .

This should be a feature of any computer protection product because it is such a widespread problem in our time that has already begun to spill abroad to realize identity theft of people (scary, but manageable with good anti-virus software) .

top 5 antivirus software 2019

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